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Seminar Series
3 Speakers 6 Great Topics
June 21, 2016
2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
The Center at 2300
2300 Sierra Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95825

$95.00 Price for BOTH Sessions
$80.00 Earlybird rate before June 17

$75.00 Price for EVENING Session Only
$50.00 Earlybird rate before June 17


Afternoon Presentations:

2:45 - Rick Brewer: Book More Weddings & Events

Nationally recognized wedding and event business expert, Rick Brewer will conduct his seminar on how to adjust your sales and marketing to attract and sign more clients.  You will learn:

  •   The psychology of your prospective client (and how to use it)
  •   Steps in the buyers process (this is important)
  •   Avoiding the 2 default modes in Marketing that most professionals make
  •   Forming a Marketing strategy based on successful results
  •   Much more......


3:45 - Caleb Berry: Focus 5 for a Favorable Future

(1)        What’s your Passion?  (Focus!)

  1. Work your strengths

(2)        Be Dependent on Others

  1. What does your team excel at?
  2. Can networking build a broader team?

(3)        How many directions can you successfully travel?

  1. Finding the best routes to your destination

(4)        Stretch & Grow your Boundaries

  1. Creative ways to expand your marketing

(5)        The Present:  Be in it, for your future.

4:45 - Justin Powell: Email Marketing in the New Age

    (1)   We’ll be focusing on using email software, building, measuring and managing your emails.  How to use analytics for development and sales.  Create campaigns focused on specific demographics and elicit the responses you want.

    (2)   While your email strategy is critical it’s just one element.  Here are the basics and necessities to incorporate and include on your website and of course within your social media strategy.

Evening Presentations:

 7:45 - Justin Powell: 3 Website Necessities

         (1)    Keep your tech updated

         (2)    Consistently & regularly create user focused content

         (3)    Evaluate and continue with what works

8pm - Caleb Berry: What’s controlling your business

   You or Your Goals or Your Stuff

 8:15 - Rick Brewer: Using Video for Effective Results

Are you using video to enhance your marketing? You should be. Video attracts more clients and is the perfect medium to help build both value and trust. Rick will present and conduct a quick hitter to the point conversation about the proper way to use video to enhance your marketing and help solidify more bookings.

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